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Best things to hold onto in life are a fork and a knife.

I have found this quote online , I really love it and i totally agree with it . I mean really what is best than food and what is always there for you , if not food ?! 

Love your food ❤🍝🍛

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It’s Christmas time and in my family is a tradition to have all sorts of meals on the table ( stuffed cabbage , smashed potatoes , roasted beef and pork , soup , eggplant salad with onion , devil eggs , at least 3 types of cookies and 2 types of cakes) , even though we are not really a big family . It just me , my sister ( sometimes our boyfriends , if we have one ) my mom , my aunt , her husband and my grandparents . ( Christmas with dad is another story)



Tbh I really love this holiday , it brings the best in people , in food  and in presents ( hihi) .

Happy Holidays !